Why is Fall the Best Season?

Honestly, most people don’t like to see summer coming to an end, knowing that all the enjoyment, coupled with the fun and exciting activities are finally going to end. Yes, we all love the summer vacations. As a kid we can all say that summer vacations are the best, when you begin to remember all the enjoyment and fun you had with your friends as kids. Those exciting young memories never go away. But the truth is that, a lot of people still prefer the fall season (autumn), the perfect and cool weather that comes with all kind of natural views. Autumn is like a new start for most people. The change of clothes and way of dressing, the way all the leaves on the tree fall, the change in activities, are part of what makes the fall experience great.

Everyone has their best season and we all know the weather we prefer. But sometimes our opinion about other seasons change as we grow up. Perhaps, for some reason you don’t like autumn or you seem to love other periods of the year, I have listed some of the reasons why autumn deserves a place on your short list of lovely weathers.

Beautiful views

Some people like to believe that autumn really starts when the outside views begin to look natural to them and what else says “beauty” than “natural”. All the trees begins to change colour and appear more beautiful with leaves all over the floor. Sometimes all we can do is thank nature for providing such an amazing view. When in a car you begin to see this magical picture by the road side as the vehicle moves, it’s just so perfect.

Fresh start

At the beginning of autumn you start to feel the summer weather slip away gradually, everything starts to change. It’s a new start, with changes in activities, clothes, and the start of a new school year, the environment itself begins to change. Those are the times you look back at lovely memories like ” the fun of not going to school on the first day, when you lied about being sick” and all other funny memories you can never forget.

Visiting the pumpkin patch

Autumn is always a time to pay visit to the pumpkin patch, it actually gives you the opportunity to show your carving skills. Imagine the fun you get when carving pumpkins and decorating them with your friends, it’s super exciting. During this time of the year pumpkins are all over, like almost everything turns out to be pumpkin flavored.

Family holidays

The wonders of autumn doesn’t stop at its weather and natural views, you don’t just think back at old memories, autumn also gives you the opportunity to create new and lasting memories with your family. Holidays like “Thanksgiving” comes around during the fall season and they give you the opportunity to spend an engaging day with your family.

Football season

Sport seasons are always welcome everywhere, it gives you the opportunity to cheer the teams you believe in. Most people loves autumn because of sports. If you are a football fan, you must really love Fall, because all those anticipation and excitement before the season start comes to an end and you finally get to see the real action as the season gets going.

There are a lot more reasons to fall in love with autumn, the ones listed above are just the general reasons why most people love autumn. Every season of the year comes with its own specialty, but they all have their side effect. It would be great to enjoy only the best part of each season every year without suffering from its side effect. With autumn you get all the best things a weather can give during the day, with as little side effect as possible.