The Aesthetic Essence of Gardens in Autumn

Known for its very powerful sentimental impact, autumn always touches those who spare a moment to reflect on its special beauty. While artists, poets, and novelists attributed it to so many different aspects of life, we can easily see that no matter how varied, there’s almost always one thing in common in their interpretations: autumn is one of the most “personal” times of the year. Be it a result of its warm and earthy palettes, which can provoke a sense of stronger connection with our roots and backgrounds, or how the ambiance of baring trees inspire us with a better understanding of the cyclic nature of life, no one can argue against the feeling of wonder that it spreads. The magic of Autumn is certainly tangible.

Autumn provides many colors and shapes that you can choose from to suit your perspective and mood as you please, combined with the backdrop of the earthy hues of trees, you can maintain high levels of inspiration throughout the season, as brown shades are considered among the most harmonious of colors, while the sight of cascading leaves washes over you with calm and tranquility.

There’s a wide variety of botanic aesthetics that can reinforce your own personal perception of the fall. For one, you can reinforce the sense of elegance and serenity with Gladiolus murielae, a poised flowery plant that starts growing from late summer: tall stemmed, white flowers with striking maroon blotches in their throats, and fragrance that oh, goes-so-well with that spectacular scent of fallen leaves.

The Sternbergia, or autumn daffodil, has one of the most beautiful shades of yellow. Not only are the Sternbergias considered to be quite easy to maintain, but it can add an optimistic touch to the most “stern” looking of gardens without being kitsch at all. they truly go marvelously well with the overall aesthetics of the fall, and with the very chic and subtle linear texture in their petals, they have so much to offer for your eyes from afar or up-close.

Autumn embraces the energetic types, as well, and the Siberian Squill can easily fascinate your eyes and soul with an electric shade of blue, especially when contrasted with rock and woodland gardens, and while we’re on the topic of energy, The burst of colors which the Dahlia can add to your surroundings is at its best from August to September, while also coming in all sizes if you’re seeking a powerful variety.

If you wait for autumn for its sense of calm, the Cyclamen hederifolium is one of the flowery plants that hit the spot. With silverish leaves and delightful sugar pink and white blooms, it can survive until the end of winter, thus infusing the atmosphere with unmistakable grace while also being quite easy to maintain.

Those are few of so many options readily available at your disposal, the autumn sky is the limit. Don’t deny yourself the chance to create your own personalized haven in this opulent time of the year.