Don’t Be That Parent | Some Things to Think about During Kid Sporting Events

Have you been to your child’s sporting events recently?  WOW!  The things one sees and hears at a game or match will leave you speechless.  Let’s discuss the things you SHOULDN’T do at your child’s games.

Throw in the towel

The last thing a parent wants to see or hear is a coach telling the kids on the team to purposely lose.  Yes!  I said it!  Purposely lose so that another team can’t advance in tournament play.  If you frequent the baseball fields you’ve seen or heard about this happening!  Let’s dispel the myth….it really does happen.  Don’t be that parent or coach.  Play sports to your best ability whether your team has a shot to advance or not.  It should seem like the obvious thing to some but it really isn’t.  Parents and coaches act crazy.  They can get vindictive towards other teams.  What parents forget is that they are setting an example to their child.  Don’t be that parent that allows this.  Don’t be the parent that makes excuses for the adults to allow that to happen.  Speak with your child about sportsmanship and not throwing in the towel.  Play the best until the end and always finish never giving up.  These are obvious lessons to some people and should be common sense.  An adult shouldn’t tell a player on any team to purposely lose.  Don’t be that parent or coach!

Blame others on the team

Can we be honest for a minute? Parents make excuses for their children and often times put their child on a pedestal.  Don’t be that parent.  Team sports take a team to win.  Individuals have to pull and work together to achieve the common goal of winning.  Don’t be that parent that blames a child for not pitching a perfect game.  Don’t be the mother that says her kid would’ve done better if the others on the team would contribute more.  Don’t be the father that thinks their child is perfect.  Believe it or not, this exists in youth sports today.  Walk around a field or court and you hear parents on the sidelines talking.  Don’t be that parent that everyone talks about behind their back.  Believe it or not, they really do!  If you feel the need to have to “Talk up your child”, do it at home where you can brag about their accolades in private.  Just don’t be that parent!

Arguing and Fighting

The last thing anyone wants to see are adults arguing over a call or finish.  Parents need to remember the proper channels and procedures for handling bad calls.  Yelling rarely accomplishes anything.  Know where the lead umpires and game moderators are located.  Seek them out when there is a decision that is disagreeable.  That is their job and so many times they are overlooked.  Coaches end up fighting with each other.  The children are watching this and seeing what is allowed and acceptable behavior.  Many times the parents in the stands even get involved in the yelling and fighting with each other.  Don’t be that parent!  If you didn’t like the call during the game, don’t make a spectacle of yourself.  Seek out the correct people and make your complaint known to them.  Sometimes it even means having to write a letter to the league and those in charge.  Take care of the controversial situation in a proper manner.  Children are watching how adults handle themselves in hard situations.  Be a positive model for your child.

When attending your child’s sports events, it’s important to remember a few key pieces of advice.  Remember that children are watching the adults in charge.  These are impressionable children who will become adults before too long.  Don’t be that parent or coach that models poorly.  Take the high road…it’s not easy but well worth it.  Just don’t be THAT parent!