Christmas, Oh Wow! You Shouldn’t Have….

All I want for Christmas is ___________.

Can you fill in the blank? Take a second to think of what you would like for Christmas this year. I’m sure you can list off a few wants and needs that come to mind. It’s relatively easy to think about what we want and need because these things are on our mind 365 days a year.

Here is where it gets tricky. Christmas is obviously a holiday that centers around gift giving. Giving gifts is one of the biggest challenges we face next to finding the ugliest sweater possible to wear on December 25th. Why is this? If we are honest with ourselves, we may find that choosing a gift presents a challenge when we don’t know the person we’re giving the gift to. We may know them, but do we really know them?

There are about four things to consider when picking out a gift and with this in mind you can ensure that your Christmas joy will spread to all.

The Gift: The gift is very important, yet knowing the receiver is more important. The gift does not have to be expensive, after all it’s the thought that counts. You can give money, buy a gift or do something nice. Do some investigating. Ask their friends and family about what they need. Do a bit of cyber stalking and see what kind of interests they have. Many of us leave virtual footprints online, so follow them until you arrive at your golden gift.

The Packaging: In recent years this trend has gained momentum. If you search for “unboxing videos” on youtube you’ll find many people removing the packaging from their gifts. Unboxing is an experience. It stimulates your mind before you even see the gift. The way the outside looks influences you more than you may realize. If you can afford it, try to make the unboxing experience one to remember.

The Delivery: Handle it with care. Always hand the gift to the person because that makes it more personal. The words you choose when giving the gift are very important. Don’t be verbose, but be lively when giving the gift. A smile goes a long way too, so use those pearly whites to your advantage.

The Moment: The second you hand the gift to the person is important as well. Some people like to be surprised and they enjoy the unexpected. Others like to build up suspense, knowing a gift is waiting for them but not being able to get it until a certain point. Know the person, and find the appropriate moment.

This moment only comes once a year so let’s recap all that we’ve learned. Think about the person now in order to find a gift. Package the gift with love and hand it to them with a smile. Set your timer and countdown to reach the perfect moment to offer your gift. Day by day as Christmas nears, think of a gift, and bring good cheers.