Teacher Tips For Keeping Your Kids Busy This Holiday Season

Keeping kids busy during the holidays can be exhausting.  What do you do?  Where do you go? Who do you see?  It’s the dilemma most parents feel.  What do I do with my kids?  Well, here are a few ideas to keep you warm this winter season.

Natural World

Children love going to the beach.  Depending on where you live in the south, one can be there in a matter of minutes.  It’s generally free if you pack a lunch and know where to park.  If you live up north, why not check out the local park after it snows.  The children gather and play for hours.  Some local parks allow sledding and snow shoeing on trails.   If there is no snow for you to frolic in, try a brisk hike with your children. Again, the best part is that it’s virtually free!  Pack a thermos of hot chocolate and you managed to spend the day.  If all else fails, turn to your local public library.  Some offer puppet shows for kids and book clubs where if kids read a certain number of books they get a reward.  Kids are reading and expanding their vocabularies. Again, all is free! How do you beat that?

Cheap but Exciting Ideas

Do you have some money to spend?  Why not check out the local museum.  Sometimes it’s worth traveling to a nearby town to enjoy it.  The children’s museum is a great idea for all.  An entrance fee is required but the children get hours of fun.  There are demonstrations and hands on activities.  Kids get a chance to learn something new while having fun.  Most of the activities are included with the price of admission into the museum.  Did I mention your children are learning?  


If you don’t get stressed out by a mess, have the kids bake a sweet treat of some sort.  Kids love measuring and stirring and mixing.  Your child can research a recipe that seems doable.  Go shopping together and discuss the prices of the products as you scan the grocery aisle. Baking is a great activity because it involves both reading and math.  It takes hours to do and let’s be honest…everyone loves to eat the sweet treat when it’s finished.  Just make sure you have your child clean up after themselves when they’re finished!

Help Others in Need

If you’re still short on ideas this winter season, why not volunteer with your child at a local soup kitchen.  The lessons your child will learn are invaluable.  If you have a teen, they may need volunteer hours for scholarships anyways.  If you have a younger child, gather up old clothing that can be donated.  Go with your child to make the donation at a local Goodwill.  It’s a great way to model compassion and empathy to your child while still getting a tax write-off!  Win-Win!! 

Keeping kids busy this winter break can be overwhelming and expensive. It doesn’t have to be.  See if you can use one of these ideas this winter season to keep your kids busy and yourself sane.