Golden colors of fall around the Lake of Ozarks

As the summer blends into the cooler weather of autumn, a remarkable transformation takes place in the foliage across the country, and it is spectacular around the Lake of Ozarks, as the greens give way to a variety of bright reds, shades of orange and even lovely hues of purple. This makeover starts to occur in early October when black gum, maples, hickories, oaks, and other hardwood trees turn their leaves from green to the astonishing variety of warm shades and convert these normally green forests to a magical colorful kingdom of yellow, orange and red. The Ozarks are among the first places in the state to be painted in these bright hues which reach their peak brilliance by mid-October till mid-November. This brief but explosive spread of colors is a sight to behold and tourists from all over come to Lake of Ozarks to enjoy this natural painting.

All trees and their leaves start out in spring as green. This green color of the leaves is due to the presence of green pigment chlorophyll which is essential for the photosynthesis needed by the trees to convert the energy of the sun for their growth. During the summer season, the green pigment is plentiful in the leaves during the growing season, and they overwhelm and mask the shade of color of any other pigments that may be present in the leaves. As autumn draws in, the sun loses its intensity and it results in the elimination of chlorophyll in the leaves. This loss of the green pigment lets the other, previously masked colors to come up to prominence and eventually it becomes the color of the tree. Each species of trees have their own specific hue and color.

The Ozarks have thick forests spread over a wide area that contains a variety of color changing trees. Hiking trails and scenic overlooks are bustling with activity as the weather is normally great for enjoying a long walk in the woods. Local hiking trails are particularly vivid at this time of the year. Walking, driving or even boating through the forest in autumn around Lake of Ozarks is truly a wonderful experience that should at least be experienced once in a lifetime.  Those interested in taking in the sights by water can charter a scenic boat trip in Lake of Ozarks for quite a memorable cruise.

Generally, the color change follows the same pattern year to year, but it can vary, as much depends on the weather. The area is blessed with a great variety of trees, shrubs, and vines. Their leaves change color at different times, so visitors can enjoy a fall color season that may last around four to six weeks. The best time to see the splendors of fall is around mid-October. At this time oaks, hickories, ashes, and maples show their glorious colors. Eventually these bright colors become dull and the leaves fall off the trees leaving them bare.

As the peak colors season comes to a close, the leaves drop off very quickly and you could be left with bare twigs and branches within just a week. By the middle of November, the fall color season is over. You certainly will not be disappointed if you are at the lake at the right time. The Lake of Ozarks region is certainly one of the top spots for viewing the stunning colors of fall.

Budgeting For Christmas: 10 Money Saving Tips to Help your Wallet While Shopping

When it comes to Christmas shopping, the importance of careful budget planning cannot be under-estimated. Not everyone has the luxury to purchase every desire or meet the needs of their friends and family.

Due to tough economy, it has become extremely important to embark on budgeting for Christmas shopping. Besides setting out budget, sticking or strict adherence to it is also essential. This will prevent or discourage impulse buying tendencies which will not only hike the budget, but also result in stress and sad situation for you.

In case you have not started preparing for Christmas shopping, there is no need to panic as this article will educate, inform and enlighten you on the best money saving tips on your Christmas shopping. This will ultimately prevent budget blow-out over as well as the common hassles being experienced by people during Christmas.

Some people consider Christmas shopping as fun and exciting while to others, it is exhausting and stressful. This however depends on how one prepares for it. Those who consider it from the perspective of “a frightful event that must be done” will continue to find it a difficult task to accomplish. Alternatively, those that perceive Christmas shopping from the positive perspective will undoubtedly find it fun and exciting.

We live in a world of economic turmoil in which people are left with less money to spend for Christmas shopping. Hence, it is not uncommon to see a lot of people incorporating Christmas into their budget. There are several benefits that go with this. By incorporating Christmas into your budget, you will be able to control your finances during the festive period.

It is never too late to start budgeting for Christmas shopping. To be sincere, you can still get the best Christmas gifts for your friends and loved ones on budget, without even spending a fortune.

Here are some proven money saving tips to complete Christmas shopping within a meager budget limit:

Save Or Stash Money For Your Christmas Shopping

This is the first and foremost essential tip as far as Christmas budget is concerned. You could create special Christmas fund in banks and save money in it throughout the year. You can then withdraw your savings as Christmas approaches. Stashing away money outside your vicinity every week for this purpose is also desirable. You can continue with this until you save enough funds to cover your shopping budget. You would be surprised to see what you have gathered within a short time.

Low-Budget Christmas Shopping

This strategy involves purchasing Christmas gifts on low budget at a time when they are not expensive and hide them away. With this, you will worry less about money to shop at Christmas and enjoy the vacation season without stress and anxiety. Shopping for Christmas via this tip is really fun as you have sufficient time to search the market and purchase cheap items which may either be unavailable or become expensive as the Christmas shopping season begins.

Use Credit Cards Smartly

It is still required that you prioritize budgeting if you desire to do Christmas shopping via credit cards. In this case, you could prevent huge credit card bill by utilizing your credit card early. You will have the opportunity to evenly spread your Christmas shopping throughout the year and not just waiting till the twelfth month before embarking on your holiday shopping.

Make A Shopping List

Set your financial allocation for Christmas by making a list of the entire items you wish to purchase like gifts, food or decorations and who you are purchasing them for. Once you have purchased an item, cross it off your list. Setting your financial allocation for Christmas this way will help you to keep track of your purchases and ensure that everyone’s needs are catered for. Besides, this practical and rational strategy will prevent you from impulsive buying, overspending and procrastinating till the festive period.

Consider Shopping Wholesale

This strategy is suitable for those who have a long list of people to purchase gifts for. You can buy your toys and gifts wholesale. To make this easier, consider online purchase. A great advantage of this tip is that you get discount items for all your online purchases at the comfort of your home.

While shopping online, it is important to consider shopping on a secured site so as to protect your personal and credit card information.

Many online stores engage in sales and promotional offers. To discover them, browse through several merchandises and compare prices before making your offer.

Apart from offering discount items, several online stores offer various incentives like free shipping during Christmas vacation.

Start Shopping Early

To have a memorable Christmas, starting your shopping early is important. Apart from the benefits of saving money and less stress, you have more time to select the most suitable gift you desire. In addition, you will be able to plan better and enjoy attractive discounts from retailers.

Watch Out For Free Shipping And Delivery Offers

As Christmas approaches, there is usually increase in shipping and delivery services. This is why you should act earlier and avoid procrastination till the eleventh hour. Some stores offer free shipping services. Although, minimum purchase requirement will be brought to the barest minimum, you will still be able to spend within your budget and save huge amount with this opportunity.

Consider Inexpensive Gifts

Many people presume that to win the heart of their recipients, they must send across expensive gift items. This is not true. There are numerous inexpensive gift ideas that will still do the magic. Items like magazines, personalized gift boxes, jewelries, household items, computer accessories like U.S.B, memory cards, flash drive, etc can work wonders.

In addition, you can also consider items like gift cards, which can be delivered via emails, rather than embarking on tangible items. You will be amazed to see how much you have saved in shipping and delivery charges.

Look For Coupons

This is an interesting aspect of online shopping. Look out for coupon codes as you embark on online purchase of your products. To search coupon for any given store, type the “name of the store + coupon” as keyword in search engine. Remember to input the coupon code during checkout. There is usually a huge difference, both in price and net savings before and after using the code.

Consider Using Annual Bonus

Many employers offer their employees bonus check as Christmas approaches. Such money can be utilized for Christmas shopping the advantage of this strategy is that the normal monthly charges will not be altered. However, a challenge with this method is that since this incentive is usually given few days to Christmas, employees may experience stress and difficulty in rushing to get the best gifts for friends and family, due to limited time.

Another disadvantage of this tip is that it is unrealistic as many employees may be disappointed by their employers who usually try to cut costs to enable them survive the unfavorable economic condition.


  • While shopping for Christmas, it is highly important to consider what your recipient like and will appreciate. This will require considerable amount of time and effort.
  • Remember that the tendency to get frustrated may occur along the line, especially when you know what your recipient loves for Christmas and it is not within your budget. Notwithstanding, avoid shopping for a less quality item because in most cases, your recipient may never use them. The best thing is to find an alternative item within your budget.
  • Should you exceed your budget, ensure that there are genuine reasons for doing so. For instance, under-estimating the cost of an item. However, spending within your budget is the best practice. If you find this beyond your control, suspend Christmas shopping and reevaluate your finances for the best Christmas gifts.

In conclusion

By implementing the tips discussed in this article into your shopping routine, you will find Christmas shopping on a budget, extremely easy, enjoyable, less stressful and efficient.   

Innovative Ideas for Christmas Gifts | For All Budgets

Christmas is always a time to wish good things for those we love. It is time to think about gifts for parents, boyfriend, friend, aunt, cousin, wife, or husband.

 It is always hard to think of a present that the person likes. Let us innovate in the gift.

 We selected the best gift ideas.

 Massage and Day Spa

Who would not want to spend a day relaxing their bodies and their minds?

 Look for the spas in your city that offer the service and buy the “relax coupon” for the lucky one.

Nothing is better than relaxing and forgetting the problems of everyday life. Spending a day at a spa is one of the best ways to do that especially alongside someone you love.  A Day Spa is a great alternative for those who want to innovate and enjoy a different program.

Parachute jump

What about gifting someone you love a parachute jump.

 We bet it will be such a surprise.

A plant

You may not even be connected with nature, but many people love to obtain plants. Especially the plants which will live for a long time by taking care of them and not those bouquets that last 3 days. It is a great decoration item. It will always make people remember you.


Who does not like to travel, Plan a trip, but keep it a secret. On Christmas write on a paper something like “worth the trip” and give it to your partner. This is a sweet way to show that the gift will come at some point. Then, just put the trip into practice.

Going on vacation is always a gift that the recipient likes. Get out of the routine, know places, and discover experiences and new gastronomy. Who can say no to that?

 In addition, the multitude of tourist options and advantages.

So that it can be an adaptable gift to all kinds of tastes, ages, and even price, from going with the children to Disneyland Paris to taking a regional train or an economic plane that takes you to know the cozy cold of London.

But, undoubtedly, summer destinations are one of the favorite gifts in December, when we only dream of being on a warm beach at 30 degrees by the sea. Many destinations meet expectations like cruises on the Mediterranean, the Greek Islands, and the Caribbean.

A dinner coupon

Does your friend like food? Depending on the level of intimacy, you have with the person, how about gifting her/him a dinner party. With so many good restaurants emerging in the current gastronomy, you will have multiple options to choose the ideal restaurant.

Smart video doorbell

An unconventional gift will enable the recipient to watch who knocking the door through a phone application.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend has the habit of looking through the magic eye every time before opening the door, this will be a good gift.

Pocket charger

The newer the mobile phone, the faster its battery unloads. Those cell phones, whose charge lasted almost a week. Only they did not have the myriad functions of the current devices, so help your recipient friend by giving him a pocket charger to avoid troubles when he needs the cell phone. Prices vary according to the brand and the capacity of each device, so it is best to search.

Noise Canceling Earphone

This was the best invention of the last few years! Your friend will admire it that he will not be irritated with car sounds, people talking loudly, children crying and people listening to bad music.

Mini iron

It is a utilitarian gift. Especially for those who need to be always perfect. It does not need much space and lightweight so much.

Compact umbrella

A compact umbrella is a useful gift for anyone. Nothing more frustrating than getting stuck at home or at the hotel because of the rain and nothing worse than holding an umbrella in hand because it does not fit in the bag.


Tea has become widespread in many stores with thousands of options and combinations. Many of them come in very glamorous and catchy packaging.  Choose the preferred flavor of your recipient with a mug; it will be an admirable gift.

Beauty products

We are fortunate to be surrounded the whole time by interesting, strong and very special women. Aunts, grandmothers, and friends

 Giving them gifts is just another way to remind those loved ones how important they are in our lives. This affection, of course, can also be translated into beauty care like Facial care products

Every woman likes to look in the mirror and feel young and beautiful.  Of course, that requires some care, especially for those who are already mothers.

Choose a good facial cream is able to moisturize and nourish the skin, prevent wrinkles, attenuate the signs of aging, protect skin from the sun, reduce acne and give an appearance bright and healthy to the woman’s face. It will be a fantastic gift.

Customize something

Giving something personalized is always a great idea. Including the name of the person makes the gift have more value that is meaningful.

 For example:

 You can give your friend a team shirt with his name on the back or personalized mug.

Basket with everything the person likes

How about preparing a basket with everything he likes? Put his favorite food, a DVD of the band he likes, the drink he likes the most, etc. Why not? Put a little of everything in a nice basket.

Weird clothes

We know that almost everyone goes to the mall when it comes to buying clothes, but the most fashionistas love an outmoded piece found in thrift stores. Often they will be a unique item in the world and that is the grace of the thing.

So, if you are going to give someone who fits these requirements you can find a suitable piece easily.

Original gifts that attract attention

Lately, there are many gifts that are highly original, either because of their structure or their usefulness. These types of gifts are ideal when you have serious doubts about what to give.  They are unique and specialized products that can surprise the recipient. They can be gifts for Christmas or another event such as a birthday.

 For example a kit to surprise your partner that contains chocolate, petals, and cards with romantic sentences.


Christmas season, the beginning of the year, there are a lot of events that make us think about our life, moments that fill us with joy, fun, and nostalgia. For this reason, giving a postcard or canvas with Christmas phrases is a beautiful alternative, as well as suitable for all budgets.

There are great varieties of options that can let your imagination go and write what comes out of your soul such as phrases of friendship, joy, peace, or motivation.

Monogram of photos

You can use this idea to decorate the room on Christmas. You can use the initials, complete names and words that you want to create. You need a big wooden letter that you can buy in larger furniture stores, photos, liquid glue, and brush. By applying and coating, attach the photos to a wooden letter and let it dry. After a while, the letter is ready for use.

Waterproof trousers with pockets

Pants with waterproof nylon fabrics filled with pockets can be really useful gifts for friends who like traveling. Because Waterproof trousers do not dirty much, easy to wash, dry fast and can be used in the snow, on the trail, at the airport or anywhere else.

Toys for children

Those who live Christmas and receive presents in a more intense way are children.

The toy has a fundamental role in the child’s development.

 For example, the colored pieces that make it possible to assemble different things, wooden blocks to build castles, puzzle, memory game, and coloring kits, puppets that light up, a cart to make cotton candy, and games with objects and their names.

In addition, musical instruments

Playing with musical instruments can be more fun than any other toy, the child forms beautiful music. He can immediately feel happy when others praise him. When receiving a musical instrument as a gift the child will also gain the opportunity to play, have fun, socialize, stimulate his perception and the senses such as touch, hearing, and training his concentration.

We hope the options we have listed help you choose the best gifts for everyone on your list

How to Decorate Your House and Yard for the Christmas Holidays

Christmas, a season of festivity accompanies the excitement of decorating the homes and yards. Thrilled about the excitement that Christmas brings with it and want to show your reinvigorated passion towards celebrating it? For this you will not want to clutter your home but after all Christmas is all about extravagance. To give a sweet touch throughout the house, you must not consider the expensive store ornamental gifts. After all you can do it in a less costly way.

Decorating the Christmas tree:

One of the most important Christmas decorations is one with the tree. If you want to buy a natural tree or an artificial one it is all up to you. After purchasing one, the question of where to place it arises. You must keep it where you want to open the Christmas gifts with your family. So, the best place is to keep it in a large room. Here are some of the ideas to sparkle your house with a bright Christmas tree.

  • Sling lights all over the tree in a spiral direction. The light bulbs of white color give a pleasant and beautiful effect but you can also choose to light it with different colors bulbs. These light bulbs come in red, orange, green and blue shades. Start to hang the bulbs string from the lower side of the tree and end at the top side. Stuck the other end of the string in the upside branch of tree. The spectacle of this luminous tree will leave your guests and family spell bound.
  • Apart from light bulbs, filling the large spots with sparkling stars or ornaments is not a bad idea. You can make your own embellishing articles with dough or paper charts. Crystals also play an important role in enriching your tree. Sprinkle them evenly on your tree.
  • Snow spray and some glitter can be a last touch to brighten up your tree more elegantly.

Candles Make the Atmosphere Poised

Candles can be placed on windows sill and can be lighted at night. It will make your home well lit even far from the outside. Plus it is a low budget decorative idea.

Outdoor Christmas Ideas

If you have planned to extend your party festivities to your yard then you must embellish it in a way to leave people dazed. You can use inflatable characters like that of Jesus, Mary and baby Jesus.

  • You can also place an inflatable snowman or one made with snowflakes.
  • Some reindeers with colorful light bulbs all over can also leave a striking touch.
  • Hanging some homemade cards with Christmas themes on the branches of tree in your yard is also a captivating idea.

A Wreath on the Main Door Symbolizes Eternity

Spirit of Christmas must be shown right from the entrance and for this hanging a wreath made of some fresh flowers or pine cones is a brilliant idea. Moreover it shows an eternal life. A wreath made with pine cones can last even a year.

Enchanting Color Scheme

Red and green are the colors of Christmas. Try to wrap almost every noticeable thing in these colors. This will make your whole house involved in Christmas festivities. You can change your curtains, pillow cases, bed covers, and napkins for a marvelous display of Christmas.

All in all, above mentioned ways are going to outshine your home and yard throughout the Christmas season.

Why is Fall the Best Season?

Honestly, most people don’t like to see summer coming to an end, knowing that all the enjoyment, coupled with the fun and exciting activities are finally going to end. Yes, we all love the summer vacations. As a kid we can all say that summer vacations are the best, when you begin to remember all the enjoyment and fun you had with your friends as kids. Those exciting young memories never go away. But the truth is that, a lot of people still prefer the fall season (autumn), the perfect and cool weather that comes with all kind of natural views. Autumn is like a new start for most people. The change of clothes and way of dressing, the way all the leaves on the tree fall, the change in activities, are part of what makes the fall experience great.

Everyone has their best season and we all know the weather we prefer. But sometimes our opinion about other seasons change as we grow up. Perhaps, for some reason you don’t like autumn or you seem to love other periods of the year, I have listed some of the reasons why autumn deserves a place on your short list of lovely weathers.

Beautiful views

Some people like to believe that autumn really starts when the outside views begin to look natural to them and what else says “beauty” than “natural”. All the trees begins to change colour and appear more beautiful with leaves all over the floor. Sometimes all we can do is thank nature for providing such an amazing view. When in a car you begin to see this magical picture by the road side as the vehicle moves, it’s just so perfect.

Fresh start

At the beginning of autumn you start to feel the summer weather slip away gradually, everything starts to change. It’s a new start, with changes in activities, clothes, and the start of a new school year, the environment itself begins to change. Those are the times you look back at lovely memories like ” the fun of not going to school on the first day, when you lied about being sick” and all other funny memories you can never forget.

Visiting the pumpkin patch

Autumn is always a time to pay visit to the pumpkin patch, it actually gives you the opportunity to show your carving skills. Imagine the fun you get when carving pumpkins and decorating them with your friends, it’s super exciting. During this time of the year pumpkins are all over, like almost everything turns out to be pumpkin flavored.

Family holidays

The wonders of autumn doesn’t stop at its weather and natural views, you don’t just think back at old memories, autumn also gives you the opportunity to create new and lasting memories with your family. Holidays like “Thanksgiving” comes around during the fall season and they give you the opportunity to spend an engaging day with your family.

Football season

Sport seasons are always welcome everywhere, it gives you the opportunity to cheer the teams you believe in. Most people loves autumn because of sports. If you are a football fan, you must really love Fall, because all those anticipation and excitement before the season start comes to an end and you finally get to see the real action as the season gets going.

There are a lot more reasons to fall in love with autumn, the ones listed above are just the general reasons why most people love autumn. Every season of the year comes with its own specialty, but they all have their side effect. It would be great to enjoy only the best part of each season every year without suffering from its side effect. With autumn you get all the best things a weather can give during the day, with as little side effect as possible.

The Aesthetic Essence of Gardens in Autumn

Known for its very powerful sentimental impact, autumn always touches those who spare a moment to reflect on its special beauty. While artists, poets, and novelists attributed it to so many different aspects of life, we can easily see that no matter how varied, there’s almost always one thing in common in their interpretations: autumn is one of the most “personal” times of the year. Be it a result of its warm and earthy palettes, which can provoke a sense of stronger connection with our roots and backgrounds, or how the ambiance of baring trees inspire us with a better understanding of the cyclic nature of life, no one can argue against the feeling of wonder that it spreads. The magic of Autumn is certainly tangible.

Autumn provides many colors and shapes that you can choose from to suit your perspective and mood as you please, combined with the backdrop of the earthy hues of trees, you can maintain high levels of inspiration throughout the season, as brown shades are considered among the most harmonious of colors, while the sight of cascading leaves washes over you with calm and tranquility.

There’s a wide variety of botanic aesthetics that can reinforce your own personal perception of the fall. For one, you can reinforce the sense of elegance and serenity with Gladiolus murielae, a poised flowery plant that starts growing from late summer: tall stemmed, white flowers with striking maroon blotches in their throats, and fragrance that oh, goes-so-well with that spectacular scent of fallen leaves.

The Sternbergia, or autumn daffodil, has one of the most beautiful shades of yellow. Not only are the Sternbergias considered to be quite easy to maintain, but it can add an optimistic touch to the most “stern” looking of gardens without being kitsch at all. they truly go marvelously well with the overall aesthetics of the fall, and with the very chic and subtle linear texture in their petals, they have so much to offer for your eyes from afar or up-close.

Autumn embraces the energetic types, as well, and the Siberian Squill can easily fascinate your eyes and soul with an electric shade of blue, especially when contrasted with rock and woodland gardens, and while we’re on the topic of energy, The burst of colors which the Dahlia can add to your surroundings is at its best from August to September, while also coming in all sizes if you’re seeking a powerful variety.

If you wait for autumn for its sense of calm, the Cyclamen hederifolium is one of the flowery plants that hit the spot. With silverish leaves and delightful sugar pink and white blooms, it can survive until the end of winter, thus infusing the atmosphere with unmistakable grace while also being quite easy to maintain.

Those are few of so many options readily available at your disposal, the autumn sky is the limit. Don’t deny yourself the chance to create your own personalized haven in this opulent time of the year.

Dealing with Unwanted Allergies in an Otherwise Magnificent Fall Season

Scorching summers, burning sun, waves of heat transiting into chilly cold days and nights, misty and foggy air, dead leaves falling from trees, rustling of leaves under your feet, smells of wood fire, fruits ready to be picked up. Yes, you heard it right. The Fall season has stepped in. It is the time when the sun burns cold. The sky tries to match its color with orange leaves. The mornings become foggy and frosty. There is vivid moisture in air. You are about to experience the Fall season at its peak.

It is the time when you get a chance to hang out with your family and friends more likely than any other time period of the year and in the same way you are more prone to skin allergies. Skin care must be expedited in Fall as allergens are super active this time of year and they effect your skin. You can avoid these skin afflictions by doing some precautionary measures and it starts with the understanding of what exactly will happen to your skin during this season.

Symptoms of Fall Allergies

Signs of fall allergies can vary from person to person but here are some of the most common indications that can tell you to be ready to combat them. Runny nose, red, puffy eyes, itchy, flaky skin, which becomes even painful at times. Some people even experience hives which are small bumps on your skin, while others suffer from asthma and eczema. All these symptoms can trigger irritation in the sufferers. The right and important thing to do is to consult your doctor as soon as you see the first signs of skin allergy.

The Most Common Allergens

There are different triggers causing allergies but the ones which are the well known are here below:

  • Ragweed is a yellow flowering plant that starts to produce pollens in fall. This is one of the biggest triggers of allergy and produces up to 1 billion grains of pollen a season. This plant grows nationwide and its pollens can travel to farthest of the areas. Almost all the doctors agree Ragweed to be the biggest trigger of Asthma.
  • Mold is a type of fungi. It most likely grows in damp and moist places of your house like basements, toilets and kitchens. But like other pollens Mold also grows outside your house on the wet piles of leaves. It is also one of the biggest triggers of allergies.
  • Dust mites are microscopic, small pest which grow on dust house. The growth is triggered in Fall season when you first time turn your heaters on. They are naturally fed on human skin flakes that are shed around the home. Humidity is the ideal ambience for them.

Precautionary Measures to Protect Your Skin From Fall Allergies

These preventive steps can save you from a costly visit to a dermatologist:

  • Keeping your surroundings clean can save you from the panics of irritation caused by allergies. Keep your body clean by regularly taking a bath and washing your hands and face often. Change the bed clothes and covers of pillows and wash them with hot water regularly. To stay away from Dust mites, keep your air vents clean, change vent filters regularly.
  • Keep your windows shut if you are seriously allergic to Ragweed, Mold and Dust mites. Try to stay indoors and in case of going out keep your cars windows closed as well. Change your clothes every time after you work in your garden or yard.
  • Uncover your shoes and jackets after entering your home. When you go outside wear your mask. Change your clothing after entering the house may lessen the possibility of accompanying the pollen with you which were stuck to you when you were outside.
  • Keep your skin moisturized after taking a shower with lukewarm water. Use lotions to keep your skin hydrated.

5 Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy During Fall

It’s that time of the year again, leaves are accumulating on your backyard, the temperatures are dropping, and the morning air feels more crisp. These are signs reminding you that your summer days at the beach are over.

Unlike the summer, when everyone is pumped up to enjoy the sun and play some fun activities, autumn is frowned at for its chilly weather. This, however, must not be the case. There are tons of outdoor activities that you can enjoy when summer is over. In this article, I will share with you five of the top activities.

Apple Picking

For many people, Apple picking is the highlight for this new season. Unlike getting them from your local grocery store, apples from the orchard are fresh from harvesting hence have their sweet, crunchy taste at its best.
In some orchards, you are given a chance to harvest the apples yourself. This allows you to come with your friends and family and enjoy the activity as you compete to pick as many as you can. Not only is the activity fun, but also a learning opportunity for your kids to learn where their food comes from.

Nature Walks and Hikes

Summer may be over, but your fun doesn’t have to end too. During Autumn, the weather isn’t as hot as summer and not as cold as winter. You, therefore, get to experience cool chilly weather, perfect for a nature walk and a hike.

Enjoy the changing colors of the trees from your walk in the woods and get to witness the breathtaking magic autumn has on nature when you hike high enough on a mountain and hill.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Halloween is around the corner, and you want to create the scariest house in town. Well, pumpkin carving may just be the activity for you.
With your family, visit the local pumpkin patch and sort out enough pumpkins to carve. Try hosting carving contests to see who can carve the scariest pumpkin, or enjoy the fresh taste of pumpkin pies for the season.

Family Camps and Bonfires

If you are a fan of cooling down and sipping a warm cup of cocoa, you have to try family camps. Due to the chilly weather, you get to spend quality time with your family near a campfire and get unplugged for your social media for a while.

Not a fan of camping? No worries. You can easily light a bonfire in your backyard and invite your friends and family to join you as you enjoy the warmth of the fire while sharing jokes all night.

Test your Photography Skills

Autumn is a season of transition. The sceneries around are changing, tree leaves are falling as they begin changing colors. The season creates a beautiful landscape for taking memorable pictures.
Birds are also known to be migrating in this season, hence, taking their pictures as they move will make it more memorable and fun.


Despite popular beliefs, autumn is a beautiful time of the year that may turn out the best if you take part in the right activities. Besides the activities above, you may also try road trips, kite flying, or even collecting fallen leaves with your kids to make an autumn collection. Who said this season can’t be fun?

3 Hot Alternatives to Cancun this Winter (and Always)

Looking to break the routine? Change scenery? Escape the winter? Check out these Cancun alternatives! There, you’ll find a handful of best kept secret fishing villages, which are secluded paradise in disguise. Why Cancun alternatives? Because even a paradise like Cancun can become boring with repetition. So what are these alternatives? They’re San Crisanto, Sisal, or Isla Holbox. When your family insist on Cancun, tell them the truth:

Last year 2.8 million travelers visited Cancun, more than 14.5% increase than the previous year. The visitors keep coming. But, do you want to escape to more of the same? A vacation is meant to be a time to relax, not a time to get stuck in airports, check in and out of hotels, and busy packing and unpacking.

Do you want to learn more about budget-friendly, less-travelled destinations travel destinations other than Cancun?

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy quality time with your family away from all your duties?

Do you want to explore the low key gems of Yucatan?

Here’re three hot alternatives to the too touristy Cancun:

San Crisanto

San Crisanto is a quick 52 km drive away from the east of Progreso. You’ll find this eco-travel sleepy fishing town tucked away along the Emerald Coast. While there’s not a lot to do here, the 50-pesos tour in 850 hectares of mangroves alone is a great value and worth the visit.

A small boat will take you through the mangroves where 137 species of wild animals will greet you. Culminating with a sweet swim with the tarpon fish in the crystalline Cenote water.

It’s a perfect marriage between man-made canals and nature’s wildlife.

This is a shortcut to the sublime where you connect with nature directly. The area survived a couple of hurricanes before, and was rebuilt, the locals had to rebuild the mangroves by hand. They dug 11 km of canals to rejoin the 15 sinotes around the area so the mangroves live. And the UN recognized the effort to conserve biodiversity.

Other activities to enjoy in San Crisanto: birdwatching, the beaches, and the Annual Coconut Festival. The coconut grove as the indigenous peoples people call it is truly one of the last places of its kind. It’s as close as you can get to a breakaway-secluded-virgin-paradise-beach.

It’s here where artists, writers, and entrepreneurs get their breaking through ideas, or not. The point is: if you want to go off the grid and stay connected at the same time, this is where you want to be.

This is a life at bare minimum, and although it’s harsh, it also enlightening. When that sort of living tickles your fancy, and you want to see how Adam and Eve lived their lives, San Crisanto is for you.

On a more optimistic note, there’re tons of cabanas and rentals with varying degrees of luxury. But, you better bring your own essentials.

After all, if you haven’t cooked your own food under the palms of the San Crisanto beach, have you ever lived your life?


A quite, retreat town west of Progreso, Sisal is your next adventure.

You’ll fall in love with the most secluded beach, which looks exactly like the one in your dreams. There, you’ll revel in long hours of meditation and yoga by the ocean. Sisal is a viable alternative to Cancun because it’s a lesser-known travel destination. What else will you enjoy in Sisal? Kayaking, flamingo watching, and biking.

The village has a small population. However, many expats are coming and going, and the expat community is growing. It’s a perfect blend between a perfect getaway and connect with civilization. So you won’t be left out.

If you want to really make the most out of your trip, you need to stay at the best place in town, Las Hamacas. Whether you’re a small family, or a cluster of families travelling and living together, this is the place to be.

It’s like a modern village inspired by traditional Mexican aesthetics. The architecture is a blend of modern strokes, and authentic Mexican bling. It gives you a euphoric experience just living in that place. Not to mention, the huge swimming pool, the breathtaking beachfront complex and ocean view, and comfy beds. And if you have sharp eyes, the brilliant craftsmanship.

Sisal can easily become your second home if you fall in love with it. And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

Considering the vibe of a Mexican town by the ocean, the small population, and the memories associated with the sea.

Once upon a time, Sisal was the main port of the Yucatan. But today, it is clean, quiet, and inviting. Just a small Mexican town by the ocean. Home to flamingos, clear water, and colorful buildings.

It’s the perfect alternative to Cancun when you’re looking for a balanced environment for your fam.

Isla Holbox

The straight forward fact is: If you follow conventional travel wisdom and visit Cancun, you’ll miss out on many beautiful other places to enjoy your vacation. Places like Isla Holbox.

You’re about to learn all about one of the hottest alternatives to Cancun, it’s called Isla Holbox.

What do you need to know? 1) it’s one of the most romantic places on earth. 2) it’s part of the Yum Balam Nature Reserve. 3) One of the best islands in the Caribbean. Now, that you’ve covered the basics, there’re more basics to cover!

The best barefoot beach, Playa Holbox has a relaxing atmosphere with its smooth sand and translucent water. Whether you want to go in for a swim with your fam or enjoy the sunrise with your loved one, the beach is where to be.

During winter months, the beach has few people and you have it all for yourself. In addition to the 26-mile shoreline of the island. So there’s no excuse, you’ll have fun. Even just sitting by yourself and doing nothing is considered enjoyable here.

At any moment, you feel overwhelmed by the scenery around you, just hop into a golf cart taxi and leave. The island is pretty big with lots of hideouts and hidden pockets to explore. Don’t limit yourself to the beach.

If you fancy snorkeling with sea turtles, you must visit Cabo Catoche which is exactly between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. A magical experience in a magical place. It’s a few hours away from Holbox. If you want to enjoy your trip to Holbox, don’t miss kayaking.

You’ll immensely enjoy kayaking along Playa Holbox and through the mangroves of Yum Balam Nature Reserve. One of the most popular activities. This is an experience of a lifetime, you’ll remember it for as long as you live and tell it to your grandchildren. You have to see for yourself, but the air is quiet, the mangroves trees embrace and intertwine in a lovely manner, and the still water is like an extended mirror reflecting the surroundings.

Lots of colorful and tropical birds are watching you sometimes lazily, and sometimes excitedly. Generally, it’s safe from alligators but expects surprise visits.


Be bold enough to break out of the touristy spots. Sometimes, the fairy-like places can be found after a wild boat ride in the Mexican mangroves.

Bring mosquito repellants with you, it doesn’t matter but brings them anyways. Make sure to stay hydrated as well.

Cancun is one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico and the world. But, with the more tourists pouring into the city, it’s becoming loud and crowded. Some travelers prefer it that way. To each his own. However, you prefer to own your time and take things slow. The provided alternatives will prove exciting.

Consider them starting points for your next adventure.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, you can listen to your inner voice. That voice which inspired you to travel in the first place!

Accepting one version of the truth is lamer than settling in one place. Go, and write your own adventure.

All eyes are on you.

Best Teacher Gifts EVER!

Stumped on gift-giving ideas this holiday season?  Don’t be!  Check out one of these tried and true gift ideas for that special teacher in your child’s life.

Personalized Gifts

You really can’t go wrong with this idea.  Teachers love anything monogrammed.  Yup, that’s right.  You can monogram any item and your teacher is going to think you went an extra mile this holiday.  Some ideas would be a school spirit shirt in the appropriate school colors monogrammed with their special initials.  How about a baseball cap or beach towel that has that has their monogram?  While you are at it, throw in a personalized beach bag, sunglasses and sun block and you have yourself a great teacher gift.  The coolest personalized gift ever has to be a candle…NO! Not just any candle BUT a Yankee candle with a photograph of the teacher and student on it.  You can actually have a sticker made of the picture and stick it on the jar.  It’s personal and who doesn’t love a great smelling candle?

Gift Cards

Teachers love to eat.  Going out to restaurants can be a splurge to a teacher.  A gift card is a great way to get that special teacher in your kid’s life out of the house and out on the town. Take a minute and find out what the teacher in your life likes to eat.  Some gift cards are good for a chain of restaurants.  That works out even better because now they can have power over where they would like to dine.  Amazon is always another great option for a gift card.  Who doesn’t love shopping on Amazon and getting a special package at the door?   Your child’s teacher can buy anything from their groceries to reading a book on their kindle.  While you’re shopping down the gift card aisle, get them a gift card to the movies.  Nothing spells Holiday season like it.  Let’s face facts….movies are expensive.  Generally, teacher’s live on a budget and movies are luxuries.  Any denomination of gift cards will do!


I have never seen a teacher that wasn’t walking around holding a mug of coffee, tea, or some other caffeinated beverage.  Think about it.  They have long hours locked in a building with children of various ages and size.  They need all the caffeine they can get!  Some great ideas t keep the teacher in your life awake is a great mug stocked with kcups or loose coffee grounds.  If you want to get really fancy, you can go to Starbucks or Dunkin.  Really any coffee or teach will be appreciated by the teacher.  Ask your child…Does she see a Coke bottle on their desk instead?  Mountain Dew?  Believe me, they all have their weakness. 

I hope you will take the time to get your special teacher something unique this holiday season.  Take second to find out something about them…ask your children.  They will know!