New Ways to Keep the Holidays Integrated into Lessons without Mentioning Religion

Planning lessons around the holidays can be a challenge. It’s important to understand the difference between teaching the religious origins of a holiday and celebrating it in the classroom. The line can easily be blurred and students can easily come to feel excluded. One way around this is by viewing December as an opportunity to plan cross-curricular lessons with a winter theme that are both engaging and fun.

Have you read aloud T he Shortest Day: Celebrating the Winter Solstice by Wendy Pfeffer? It’s a charming picture book that explores the shortest day of the year. Your students will learn how various cultures have come to celebrate the solstice throughout the ages. They will also gain an understanding of why it is such a short day from a scientific perspective. A must read is T he Mitten by Jan Brett. This winter classic features a parade of various critters taking up refuge in a mitten left behind in the snow by the protagonist. It’s a heartwarming retelling of an old Ukranian folktale that won’t leave any of your students feeling left out. Use the story as an opportunity to teach your students how animals really survive the cold winter months from a scientific perspective.

Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner teaches how various animals make it through the winter. Your students will learn about burrowers, hibernators and avian migrators. This is a great way to tap into their interest in the changing seasons and also animals.

You can pair activities to the suggested read alouds to provide a hands-on extension to their learning experience. Let your students help the birds in transit by making a bird feeder out of a pinecone. You don’t need many supplies at all! Just get a pine cone, some peanut butter (or a nut butter substitute if you have a student with an allergy), birdseed, and yarn. Simply cover the pine cone in peanut butter, roll it in birdseed, and hang it in a nearby tree. It won’t take long for the stars of Over and Under the Snow to stop by for a snack.

A wonderful way to incorporate the facts a student has learned and to showcase their comprehension is with creative writing. Have your students choose an animal that either migrates or hibernates. Then instruct them to write a short story from that animal’s perspective. Have them include how the animal prepares for winter and also have them draw a picture of that process.

These are only a few of the ways that you can make it through your holiday lessons without ever mentioning religion. If you implement them, you will help to ensure that none of your students are left out of the fun, and you will also avoid any uncomfortable parent-teacher conversations.

How to Decorate Your House and Yard for the Christmas Holidays

Christmas, a season of festivity accompanies the excitement of decorating the homes and yards. Thrilled about the excitement that Christmas brings with it and want to show your reinvigorated passion towards celebrating it? For this you will not want to clutter your home but after all Christmas is all about extravagance. To give a sweet touch throughout the house, you must not consider the expensive store ornamental gifts. After all you can do it in a less costly way.

Decorating the Christmas tree:

One of the most important Christmas decorations is one with the tree. If you want to buy a natural tree or an artificial one it is all up to you. After purchasing one, the question of where to place it arises. You must keep it where you want to open the Christmas gifts with your family. So, the best place is to keep it in a large room. Here are some of the ideas to sparkle your house with a bright Christmas tree.

  • Sling lights all over the tree in a spiral direction. The light bulbs of white color give a pleasant and beautiful effect but you can also choose to light it with different colors bulbs. These light bulbs come in red, orange, green and blue shades. Start to hang the bulbs string from the lower side of the tree and end at the top side. Stuck the other end of the string in the upside branch of tree. The spectacle of this luminous tree will leave your guests and family spell bound.
  • Apart from light bulbs, filling the large spots with sparkling stars or ornaments is not a bad idea. You can make your own embellishing articles with dough or paper charts. Crystals also play an important role in enriching your tree. Sprinkle them evenly on your tree.
  • Snow spray and some glitter can be a last touch to brighten up your tree more elegantly.

Candles Make the Atmosphere Poised

Candles can be placed on windows sill and can be lighted at night. It will make your home well lit even far from the outside. Plus it is a low budget decorative idea.

Outdoor Christmas Ideas

If you have planned to extend your party festivities to your yard then you must embellish it in a way to leave people dazed. You can use inflatable characters like that of Jesus, Mary and baby Jesus.

  • You can also place an inflatable snowman or one made with snowflakes.
  • Some reindeers with colorful light bulbs all over can also leave a striking touch.
  • Hanging some homemade cards with Christmas themes on the branches of tree in your yard is also a captivating idea.

A Wreath on the Main Door Symbolizes Eternity

Spirit of Christmas must be shown right from the entrance and for this hanging a wreath made of some fresh flowers or pine cones is a brilliant idea. Moreover it shows an eternal life. A wreath made with pine cones can last even a year.

Enchanting Color Scheme

Red and green are the colors of Christmas. Try to wrap almost every noticeable thing in these colors. This will make your whole house involved in Christmas festivities. You can change your curtains, pillow cases, bed covers, and napkins for a marvelous display of Christmas.

All in all, above mentioned ways are going to outshine your home and yard throughout the Christmas season.

Holiday Arts and Crafts With a Preschooler

Every parent loves the arts and crafts their preschoolers bring home around the holidays. Not every parent wants to sit down and do them with a preschooler, because they tend to make a mess, or don’t follow the exact direction given. Preschool teachers are brave and patient when taking on any arts and crafts projects with a group of preschoolers, you have double the mess, but you also have double the fun.

Arts and Crafts are good for preschoolers in many ways. They often work on motor skills, coordination and sometimes pre math skills like patterning, counting, and sorting. Preschoolers also enjoy the social interaction as well as the creativity of the project. Seeing a preschoolers face light up with joy and pride looking at the end result of the project is heartwarming.

Holiday Crafts For Preschoolers

While you can always find a holiday art or craft project to do with preschoolers you will I want to share with you a few of my favorite Christmas and Thanksgiving arts and crafts that I have done with my preschool classes in age ranges from 1 year olds to 5 year olds ready for kindergarten.

  • Coffee Filter Turkey
  • Cheerio Corn on the Cob
  • Mistletoes Clayboard
  • Fork Painted Christmas Tree
  • Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes

These are all very good for children of all ages, some older children will still enjoy a few of these as well as the preschooler.

Coffee Filter Turkey

This is a great project for kids of all ages. I have done this with children as young as two years old. For young children I precut the turkey bodies, beaks and feet.  This craft project is a fairly clean yet fun project. They still get to make a little mess when they swirl the colors around the filter after spraying. They also enjoy making the turkey body. I do open ended art with my preschoolers a lot so their turkeys are always going to be unique as they learn where the body parts go.

Cheerio Corn on the Cob

Children can create their own idea of corn on the cob for Thanksgiving with this project. They can also work on their pre math skills by counting and sorting their cheerios and patterning for their design. The hardest part about this project is keeping them from eating the cheerios as they glue them to the paper so due to food allergies if you are unsure of any I recommend using regular cheerios and not the honey nut ones.

Mistletoes Clayboard

This project is better suited for small groups of children, or doing it individually with one child at a time. You are painting their feet and putting them on a clayboard or stretched canvas to make mistletoe t can become really messy if you have several children that are doing it all at one time. Make sure have wipes to clean their feet off with before you let them get up and run around the room with paint on their feet. Most preschoolers will have ticklish feet so painting them can be difficult sometimes but it’s good for sensory and their senses.

Fork Painted Christmas Tree

This is a fun and exciting project. Every Preschooler I have done this with has been so excited and curious. Children love to explore and create with new things and every day things all the time. Using plastic forks, some paint and some holiday table scatter are a great way for preschoolers to identify items, and use their developing skills and remain in the social setting.

Pipe Cleaner Snowflake

Every child loves to play with pipe cleaners and beads. They can create unique snowflakes with a few simple items that can be found in any preschool or home and a few of these items go a long way. I would not recommend this activity for children under 2 as their skills have not developed enough yet to string beads and they are still in the stage of putting things in their mouth. There is no glue or paint involved in this project so they get instant gratification of seeing the finished project and they can be used as tree ornaments when they are finished.


Preschool age children love arts and crafts. It is good for their developing skills and milestones. There is never a need to be fearful of the mess that will be made because it can all be cleaned up. So whether at home with one child or in preschool with several children you can keep them busy and entertained with arts and crafts projects. Some of the projects that you can make such as these holiday ones, can be displayed in the years to come as holiday decorations, they can be kept as keepsakes and passed on as children reach adulthood.

The joy and pride that children have when they finish their project is always exciting for parents. Preschoolers love to have a sense of accomplishment and what better way to give it to them than to set them up with some projects and let them complete their project to take home to mom and dad to display on the fridge or hang on the Christmas tree.

Why is Fall the Best Season?

Honestly, most people don’t like to see summer coming to an end, knowing that all the enjoyment, coupled with the fun and exciting activities are finally going to end. Yes, we all love the summer vacations. As a kid we can all say that summer vacations are the best, when you begin to remember all the enjoyment and fun you had with your friends as kids. Those exciting young memories never go away. But the truth is that, a lot of people still prefer the fall season (autumn), the perfect and cool weather that comes with all kind of natural views. Autumn is like a new start for most people. The change of clothes and way of dressing, the way all the leaves on the tree fall, the change in activities, are part of what makes the fall experience great.

Everyone has their best season and we all know the weather we prefer. But sometimes our opinion about other seasons change as we grow up. Perhaps, for some reason you don’t like autumn or you seem to love other periods of the year, I have listed some of the reasons why autumn deserves a place on your short list of lovely weathers.

Beautiful views

Some people like to believe that autumn really starts when the outside views begin to look natural to them and what else says “beauty” than “natural”. All the trees begins to change colour and appear more beautiful with leaves all over the floor. Sometimes all we can do is thank nature for providing such an amazing view. When in a car you begin to see this magical picture by the road side as the vehicle moves, it’s just so perfect.

Fresh start

At the beginning of autumn you start to feel the summer weather slip away gradually, everything starts to change. It’s a new start, with changes in activities, clothes, and the start of a new school year, the environment itself begins to change. Those are the times you look back at lovely memories like ” the fun of not going to school on the first day, when you lied about being sick” and all other funny memories you can never forget.

Visiting the pumpkin patch

Autumn is always a time to pay visit to the pumpkin patch, it actually gives you the opportunity to show your carving skills. Imagine the fun you get when carving pumpkins and decorating them with your friends, it’s super exciting. During this time of the year pumpkins are all over, like almost everything turns out to be pumpkin flavored.

Family holidays

The wonders of autumn doesn’t stop at its weather and natural views, you don’t just think back at old memories, autumn also gives you the opportunity to create new and lasting memories with your family. Holidays like “Thanksgiving” comes around during the fall season and they give you the opportunity to spend an engaging day with your family.

Football season

Sport seasons are always welcome everywhere, it gives you the opportunity to cheer the teams you believe in. Most people loves autumn because of sports. If you are a football fan, you must really love Fall, because all those anticipation and excitement before the season start comes to an end and you finally get to see the real action as the season gets going.

There are a lot more reasons to fall in love with autumn, the ones listed above are just the general reasons why most people love autumn. Every season of the year comes with its own specialty, but they all have their side effect. It would be great to enjoy only the best part of each season every year without suffering from its side effect. With autumn you get all the best things a weather can give during the day, with as little side effect as possible.

7 Actionable Tips to Help You Lower Your Power Bill during the Fall Season

Fall is without a doubt the most awaited season of the year among many people thanks to the refreshing breezes and vibrant leaves that come with it. It is also the time to switch on the heat and switch off the air conditioning. One aspect that most people dread about fall is the ridiculous amount of energy they spend to keep their homes warm. Fortunately, there are simple and inexpensive measures you can take to guarantee maximum savings throughout the fall. Here are 7 actionable tips to help you bring down your power bill in the fall season.

1. Schedule an Energy Audit

An energy audit is instrumental in enhancing the comfort and energy consumption in your home. The energy audit will identify areas that you need to target to conserve lots of energy in your home and types of improvements you should make to address energy efficiency and comfort problems in your home.  An energy audit in the fall will guide your decision to set up energy-efficient heating units in readiness for the cooler months.

2. Maintain Your Thermostat at or Under 68 °C

Adjusting the temperature in your home is essential and can prevent your energy bill from skyrocketing. According to the U.S. Energy Department, when you turn back your thermostat 10 °C to 15 °C when you are asleep or away from home, you can end up saving about 10 percent per year on your heating bills. Setting your thermostat at or under 68 °C, allows your HVAC system to work efficiently, leading to reduced energy use.

3. Identify and Seal Up Any Leaks and Cracks

Fall is the ideal season of the year to prepare for winter by identifying and sealing any leaks and crevices in your house that could be releasing heat and allowing cold in. Caulk and weather-stripping are cost-friendly and efficient ways of sealing leaks. If your home is a bit old, leaks might be present around windows or doorways. Other areas you are likely to find leaks and cracks include vents, outdoor faucets, air conditioners, and cable TV lines.

4. Make Use of natural Heat from the Sun

Leave the curtains of your south-facing windows open throughout the day to enable sunlight to heat your home naturally. Remember to close those windows at night to ease the chill that may arise from the cold windows.

5. Change your Filter Every Month

Changing the filter in your HVAC system on a monthly basis can go a long way in not only reducing your energy consumption but also extending the lifespan of the HVAC unit. Changing the filter on the first day of each month, marking each filter with the month’s name, and setting a reminder on your phone are some of the ideas to help you remember when you need to change the filter.

6. Wear Warmer Clothes

Instead of turning up the heat to counteract the cold weather, put on warmer clothes. Cover yourself with a blanket when you are watching TV.  While indoors, put on warmer clothes like jackets and maintain the thermostat lower at night. By setting the temperatures lower, you will end up reducing the amount of energy consumed and allow your body to adapt to cooler temperatures.

7. Minimize Your Water Heating Costs

Heating water consumes lots of energy, resulting in a huge power bill. Here are a few things to help you reduce your water heating expenses.

•If you are using an older water heater, cover it with a water heater blanket. This way, your water will remain hot without the water heater using energy to maintain it hot.

•Lower the water heater’s temperature to about 130 °C to 140 °C.

•When possible, use cold water to wash your clothes

Does your power bill send you into a feeling of budgetary panic? Not anymore. The above 7 actionable tips will help you lower your energy consumption as well as your power bill.

3 Keys for a Hauntingly Happy Halloween

“Hey! What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?”

The average person probably can’t answer this off the top of their head. Planning and preparing a costume takes a lot of time. There is an art to “Halloweening”. One that can be mastered if you are able to conjure up enough creativity. That’s one of the three C’s to properly Halloween (yes, this has been turned into a verb). Creativity, Costumes and Candy are the three comrades.

How can we pick out the best candy? Let’s first begin with a little rule. No one wants to accept apples on Halloween. Fruits and vegetables are a lot healthier, but let’s save those for any other day of the year. Halloween thrives off candy. At your local grocery store you will find a bunch of candy on sale. Keep in mind that if it’s on sale then everyone else in your neighborhood will probably buy the same candy. If you can afford it, try to buy the candy that no one else will buy. The kids will love it and you will feel great knowing that you have brought them joy. As they say, “the greatest gift is giving”. Halloween is a time to splurge. It only comes once a year, so why not treat the younglings to something special? Safety tip: Do not eat any candy that appears to have already been opened, especially when it comes from a stranger.

The second C is a bit tricky. Costumes. This all depends on your age. By now we have seen just about every costume imaginable, from superheroes to politicians and from animals to ghosts. One key aspect to keep in mind is your age and your size. A costume should be age appropriate and it should fit well. Many people don’t get their costumes tailored, but if you ever get a costume fit to your body you will feel the difference. Halloween is the day when the spirit world and the physical world meet, so there are a wide variety of things to pick from both realms to dress up as. Safety tip: Walk around with something reflective to make yourself visible at night or walk with your flashlight on.

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without creativity. You can express your inner ghoul through home decorations. Remember that people trick-or-treat at night and therefor all of your decorations should glow in the dark or have lights. If possible, create a Halloween playlist and don’t forget to include the infamous song Thriller by Michael Jackson. That’s a hit! You can’t have a Halloween playlist unless you have a movie list to go along with it. If you are subscribed to a streaming service, search under “Horror” or “Thriller” to find a movie to enjoy with your friends. In order to properly enjoy the movie, all lights must be out. Safety tip: Don’t scream like a little girl during the film, your neighbors might call the cops.

Once you have mastered the three C’s you’ll be on you way to being able to celebrate Halloween in style. Let’s prepare ourselves now as October 31st draws near. Happy Halloween!

The Aesthetic Essence of Gardens in Autumn

Known for its very powerful sentimental impact, autumn always touches those who spare a moment to reflect on its special beauty. While artists, poets, and novelists attributed it to so many different aspects of life, we can easily see that no matter how varied, there’s almost always one thing in common in their interpretations: autumn is one of the most “personal” times of the year. Be it a result of its warm and earthy palettes, which can provoke a sense of stronger connection with our roots and backgrounds, or how the ambiance of baring trees inspire us with a better understanding of the cyclic nature of life, no one can argue against the feeling of wonder that it spreads. The magic of Autumn is certainly tangible.

Autumn provides many colors and shapes that you can choose from to suit your perspective and mood as you please, combined with the backdrop of the earthy hues of trees, you can maintain high levels of inspiration throughout the season, as brown shades are considered among the most harmonious of colors, while the sight of cascading leaves washes over you with calm and tranquility.

There’s a wide variety of botanic aesthetics that can reinforce your own personal perception of the fall. For one, you can reinforce the sense of elegance and serenity with Gladiolus murielae, a poised flowery plant that starts growing from late summer: tall stemmed, white flowers with striking maroon blotches in their throats, and fragrance that oh, goes-so-well with that spectacular scent of fallen leaves.

The Sternbergia, or autumn daffodil, has one of the most beautiful shades of yellow. Not only are the Sternbergias considered to be quite easy to maintain, but it can add an optimistic touch to the most “stern” looking of gardens without being kitsch at all. they truly go marvelously well with the overall aesthetics of the fall, and with the very chic and subtle linear texture in their petals, they have so much to offer for your eyes from afar or up-close.

Autumn embraces the energetic types, as well, and the Siberian Squill can easily fascinate your eyes and soul with an electric shade of blue, especially when contrasted with rock and woodland gardens, and while we’re on the topic of energy, The burst of colors which the Dahlia can add to your surroundings is at its best from August to September, while also coming in all sizes if you’re seeking a powerful variety.

If you wait for autumn for its sense of calm, the Cyclamen hederifolium is one of the flowery plants that hit the spot. With silverish leaves and delightful sugar pink and white blooms, it can survive until the end of winter, thus infusing the atmosphere with unmistakable grace while also being quite easy to maintain.

Those are few of so many options readily available at your disposal, the autumn sky is the limit. Don’t deny yourself the chance to create your own personalized haven in this opulent time of the year.

Golden colors of fall around the Lake of Ozarks

As the summer blends into the cooler weather of autumn, a remarkable transformation takes place in the foliage across the country, and it is spectacular around the Lake of Ozarks, as the greens give way to a variety of bright reds, shades of orange and even lovely hues of purple. This makeover starts to occur in early October when black gum, maples, hickories, oaks, and other hardwood trees turn their leaves from green to the astonishing variety of warm shades and convert these normally green forests to a magical colorful kingdom of yellow, orange and red. The Ozarks are among the first places in the state to be painted in these bright hues which reach their peak brilliance by mid-October till mid-November. This brief but explosive spread of colors is a sight to behold and tourists from all over come to Lake of Ozarks to enjoy this natural painting.

All trees and their leaves start out in spring as green. This green color of the leaves is due to the presence of green pigment chlorophyll which is essential for the photosynthesis needed by the trees to convert the energy of the sun for their growth. During the summer season, the green pigment is plentiful in the leaves during the growing season, and they overwhelm and mask the shade of color of any other pigments that may be present in the leaves. As autumn draws in, the sun loses its intensity and it results in the elimination of chlorophyll in the leaves. This loss of the green pigment lets the other, previously masked colors to come up to prominence and eventually it becomes the color of the tree. Each species of trees have their own specific hue and color.

The Ozarks have thick forests spread over a wide area that contains a variety of color changing trees. Hiking trails and scenic overlooks are bustling with activity as the weather is normally great for enjoying a long walk in the woods. Local hiking trails are particularly vivid at this time of the year. Walking, driving or even boating through the forest in autumn around Lake of Ozarks is truly a wonderful experience that should at least be experienced once in a lifetime.  Those interested in taking in the sights by water can charter a scenic boat trip in Lake of Ozarks for quite a memorable cruise.

Generally, the color change follows the same pattern year to year, but it can vary, as much depends on the weather. The area is blessed with a great variety of trees, shrubs, and vines. Their leaves change color at different times, so visitors can enjoy a fall color season that may last around four to six weeks. The best time to see the splendors of fall is around mid-October. At this time oaks, hickories, ashes, and maples show their glorious colors. Eventually these bright colors become dull and the leaves fall off the trees leaving them bare.

As the peak colors season comes to a close, the leaves drop off very quickly and you could be left with bare twigs and branches within just a week. By the middle of November, the fall color season is over. You certainly will not be disappointed if you are at the lake at the right time. The Lake of Ozarks region is certainly one of the top spots for viewing the stunning colors of fall.

Dealing with Unwanted Allergies in an Otherwise Magnificent Fall Season

Scorching summers, burning sun, waves of heat transiting into chilly cold days and nights, misty and foggy air, dead leaves falling from trees, rustling of leaves under your feet, smells of wood fire, fruits ready to be picked up. Yes, you heard it right. The Fall season has stepped in. It is the time when the sun burns cold. The sky tries to match its color with orange leaves. The mornings become foggy and frosty. There is vivid moisture in air. You are about to experience the Fall season at its peak.

It is the time when you get a chance to hang out with your family and friends more likely than any other time period of the year and in the same way you are more prone to skin allergies. Skin care must be expedited in Fall as allergens are super active this time of year and they effect your skin. You can avoid these skin afflictions by doing some precautionary measures and it starts with the understanding of what exactly will happen to your skin during this season.

Symptoms of Fall Allergies

Signs of fall allergies can vary from person to person but here are some of the most common indications that can tell you to be ready to combat them. Runny nose, red, puffy eyes, itchy, flaky skin, which becomes even painful at times. Some people even experience hives which are small bumps on your skin, while others suffer from asthma and eczema. All these symptoms can trigger irritation in the sufferers. The right and important thing to do is to consult your doctor as soon as you see the first signs of skin allergy.

The Most Common Allergens

There are different triggers causing allergies but the ones which are the well known are here below:

  • Ragweed is a yellow flowering plant that starts to produce pollens in fall. This is one of the biggest triggers of allergy and produces up to 1 billion grains of pollen a season. This plant grows nationwide and its pollens can travel to farthest of the areas. Almost all the doctors agree Ragweed to be the biggest trigger of Asthma.
  • Mold is a type of fungi. It most likely grows in damp and moist places of your house like basements, toilets and kitchens. But like other pollens Mold also grows outside your house on the wet piles of leaves. It is also one of the biggest triggers of allergies.
  • Dust mites are microscopic, small pest which grow on dust house. The growth is triggered in Fall season when you first time turn your heaters on. They are naturally fed on human skin flakes that are shed around the home. Humidity is the ideal ambience for them.

Precautionary Measures to Protect Your Skin From Fall Allergies

These preventive steps can save you from a costly visit to a dermatologist:

  • Keeping your surroundings clean can save you from the panics of irritation caused by allergies. Keep your body clean by regularly taking a bath and washing your hands and face often. Change the bed clothes and covers of pillows and wash them with hot water regularly. To stay away from Dust mites, keep your air vents clean, change vent filters regularly.
  • Keep your windows shut if you are seriously allergic to Ragweed, Mold and Dust mites. Try to stay indoors and in case of going out keep your cars windows closed as well. Change your clothes every time after you work in your garden or yard.
  • Uncover your shoes and jackets after entering your home. When you go outside wear your mask. Change your clothing after entering the house may lessen the possibility of accompanying the pollen with you which were stuck to you when you were outside.
  • Keep your skin moisturized after taking a shower with lukewarm water. Use lotions to keep your skin hydrated.

5 Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy During Fall

It’s that time of the year again, leaves are accumulating on your backyard, the temperatures are dropping, and the morning air feels more crisp. These are signs reminding you that your summer days at the beach are over.

Unlike the summer, when everyone is pumped up to enjoy the sun and play some fun activities, autumn is frowned at for its chilly weather. This, however, must not be the case. There are tons of outdoor activities that you can enjoy when summer is over. In this article, I will share with you five of the top activities.

Apple Picking

For many people, Apple picking is the highlight for this new season. Unlike getting them from your local grocery store, apples from the orchard are fresh from harvesting hence have their sweet, crunchy taste at its best.
In some orchards, you are given a chance to harvest the apples yourself. This allows you to come with your friends and family and enjoy the activity as you compete to pick as many as you can. Not only is the activity fun, but also a learning opportunity for your kids to learn where their food comes from.

Nature Walks and Hikes

Summer may be over, but your fun doesn’t have to end too. During Autumn, the weather isn’t as hot as summer and not as cold as winter. You, therefore, get to experience cool chilly weather, perfect for a nature walk and a hike.

Enjoy the changing colors of the trees from your walk in the woods and get to witness the breathtaking magic autumn has on nature when you hike high enough on a mountain and hill.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Halloween is around the corner, and you want to create the scariest house in town. Well, pumpkin carving may just be the activity for you.
With your family, visit the local pumpkin patch and sort out enough pumpkins to carve. Try hosting carving contests to see who can carve the scariest pumpkin, or enjoy the fresh taste of pumpkin pies for the season.

Family Camps and Bonfires

If you are a fan of cooling down and sipping a warm cup of cocoa, you have to try family camps. Due to the chilly weather, you get to spend quality time with your family near a campfire and get unplugged for your social media for a while.

Not a fan of camping? No worries. You can easily light a bonfire in your backyard and invite your friends and family to join you as you enjoy the warmth of the fire while sharing jokes all night.

Test your Photography Skills

Autumn is a season of transition. The sceneries around are changing, tree leaves are falling as they begin changing colors. The season creates a beautiful landscape for taking memorable pictures.
Birds are also known to be migrating in this season, hence, taking their pictures as they move will make it more memorable and fun.


Despite popular beliefs, autumn is a beautiful time of the year that may turn out the best if you take part in the right activities. Besides the activities above, you may also try road trips, kite flying, or even collecting fallen leaves with your kids to make an autumn collection. Who said this season can’t be fun?