Best Teacher Gifts EVER!

Stumped on gift-giving ideas this holiday season?  Don’t be!  Check out one of these tried and true gift ideas for that special teacher in your child’s life.

Personalized Gifts

You really can’t go wrong with this idea.  Teachers love anything monogrammed.  Yup, that’s right.  You can monogram any item and your teacher is going to think you went an extra mile this holiday.  Some ideas would be a school spirit shirt in the appropriate school colors monogrammed with their special initials.  How about a baseball cap or beach towel that has that has their monogram?  While you are at it, throw in a personalized beach bag, sunglasses and sun block and you have yourself a great teacher gift.  The coolest personalized gift ever has to be a candle…NO! Not just any candle BUT a Yankee candle with a photograph of the teacher and student on it.  You can actually have a sticker made of the picture and stick it on the jar.  It’s personal and who doesn’t love a great smelling candle?

Gift Cards

Teachers love to eat.  Going out to restaurants can be a splurge to a teacher.  A gift card is a great way to get that special teacher in your kid’s life out of the house and out on the town. Take a minute and find out what the teacher in your life likes to eat.  Some gift cards are good for a chain of restaurants.  That works out even better because now they can have power over where they would like to dine.  Amazon is always another great option for a gift card.  Who doesn’t love shopping on Amazon and getting a special package at the door?   Your child’s teacher can buy anything from their groceries to reading a book on their kindle.  While you’re shopping down the gift card aisle, get them a gift card to the movies.  Nothing spells Holiday season like it.  Let’s face facts….movies are expensive.  Generally, teacher’s live on a budget and movies are luxuries.  Any denomination of gift cards will do!


I have never seen a teacher that wasn’t walking around holding a mug of coffee, tea, or some other caffeinated beverage.  Think about it.  They have long hours locked in a building with children of various ages and size.  They need all the caffeine they can get!  Some great ideas t keep the teacher in your life awake is a great mug stocked with kcups or loose coffee grounds.  If you want to get really fancy, you can go to Starbucks or Dunkin.  Really any coffee or teach will be appreciated by the teacher.  Ask your child…Does she see a Coke bottle on their desk instead?  Mountain Dew?  Believe me, they all have their weakness. 

I hope you will take the time to get your special teacher something unique this holiday season.  Take second to find out something about them…ask your children.  They will know!