Benefits of Kids Singing in Choirs and Benefits of Choral Singing for Adults

The enjoyment of music is a lifelong pleasure. Whether you’re a singer, instrumentalist, or simply a person who relishes moments of blissful listening, music can provide enriching experiences throughout your life.

Many children and adults participate in group musical activities for a variety of reasons. Amateur musicians join musical groups to relieve stress, to delight in the good company of other music-lovers, to maintain a high level of mental activity, and to continue a lifelong music-learning process. Participants derive these and other benefits through rehearsing and performing in groups. Whereas some might play instruments, other music lovers prefer to sing in groups with others. The opportunities and benefits are numerous.

How Singing in Choirs Benefits Children

Music is a language unto itself, but the area of the brain that is active in music perception is closely related to the area involved in language learning. Therefore, music and language are related from infancy. When children sing in a choir, you add the language component of learning and memorizing word to songs, thus creating a unique educational opportunity for children.

Here are some further benefits for children who sing in choirs:

  • Teamwork – Singing in a choir involves teamwork. Children learn to contribute their best efforts as members of the group.
  • Self-discipline – Rehearsing and performing require dedication and self-discipline. These qualities can be transferred to other areas of children’s lives, such as schoolwork and sports.
  • Focused attention – Children learn to listen in a focused way during choir rehearsals, and they develop the ability to maintain attention toward their goals.
  • Self-confidence – Performing in front of audiences can be frightening at first. But children who sing in choirs learn self-confidence and begin to feel more comfortable in public situations.
  • Music learning – Progressive musicianship is a benefit of singing in choirs. Children in singing groups gradually increase their knowledge and abilities to read music notation and to comprehend music concepts.

How Singing in Choirs Benefits Adults

For many adults, choral singing is a pleasant and rewarding pastime that is savored over a lifetime. Community choirs, church choirs, college choirs that welcome local citizens, and local symphony choirs all provide opportunities for adults to gather and sing together.

The numerous ways in which choral singing benefits children are also applicable to adults. From the adult perspective, singing in choirs can promote well-being in several ways:

  • Social – Because it involves teamwork, singing in a choir provides a great opportunity to make friends and become a valued member of a group. Adult choirs typically include members of varying ages with various careers, interests, and personalities. Singing in a choir is a fun way to meet people and develop rewarding relationships.
  • Artistic – Through choral singing, adults are introduced to exhilarating music handed down by great composers throughout history. Or, perhaps, they perform in a pop-music choir that specializes in lighter fare. Whatever the choral genre might be, singers in choirs combine their individual efforts to achieve artistic excellence together.
  • Love of language and poetry – In many cases, songs are poems set to music. By singing in choirs, adults can indulge their love of beautiful words, thoughts, and ideas set to music. This component of choral singing is a meaningful source of inspiration for many adult singers.
  • Amateurs Welcome! – For most local choirs, you don’t need to be a talented singer or have the ability to read music. Many amateur singers follow the music without really knowing how to read the notes. As for vocal quality, most local choirs welcome anyone who makes a “joyful noise” and brings a willing spirit.

Singing in choirs can benefit children and adults in ways too numerous to mention here. You might start in childhood, or you might pick up this hobby as an adult. It’s never too late to join a choir and experience the fun of making music while you make friends.