3 Keys for a Hauntingly Happy Halloween

“Hey! What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?”

The average person probably can’t answer this off the top of their head. Planning and preparing a costume takes a lot of time. There is an art to “Halloweening”. One that can be mastered if you are able to conjure up enough creativity. That’s one of the three C’s to properly Halloween (yes, this has been turned into a verb). Creativity, Costumes and Candy are the three comrades.

How can we pick out the best candy? Let’s first begin with a little rule. No one wants to accept apples on Halloween. Fruits and vegetables are a lot healthier, but let’s save those for any other day of the year. Halloween thrives off candy. At your local grocery store you will find a bunch of candy on sale. Keep in mind that if it’s on sale then everyone else in your neighborhood will probably buy the same candy. If you can afford it, try to buy the candy that no one else will buy. The kids will love it and you will feel great knowing that you have brought them joy. As they say, “the greatest gift is giving”. Halloween is a time to splurge. It only comes once a year, so why not treat the younglings to something special? Safety tip: Do not eat any candy that appears to have already been opened, especially when it comes from a stranger.

The second C is a bit tricky. Costumes. This all depends on your age. By now we have seen just about every costume imaginable, from superheroes to politicians and from animals to ghosts. One key aspect to keep in mind is your age and your size. A costume should be age appropriate and it should fit well. Many people don’t get their costumes tailored, but if you ever get a costume fit to your body you will feel the difference. Halloween is the day when the spirit world and the physical world meet, so there are a wide variety of things to pick from both realms to dress up as. Safety tip: Walk around with something reflective to make yourself visible at night or walk with your flashlight on.

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without creativity. You can express your inner ghoul through home decorations. Remember that people trick-or-treat at night and therefor all of your decorations should glow in the dark or have lights. If possible, create a Halloween playlist and don’t forget to include the infamous song Thriller by Michael Jackson. That’s a hit! You can’t have a Halloween playlist unless you have a movie list to go along with it. If you are subscribed to a streaming service, search under “Horror” or “Thriller” to find a movie to enjoy with your friends. In order to properly enjoy the movie, all lights must be out. Safety tip: Don’t scream like a little girl during the film, your neighbors might call the cops.

Once you have mastered the three C’s you’ll be on you way to being able to celebrate Halloween in style. Let’s prepare ourselves now as October 31st draws near. Happy Halloween!