3 Hot Alternatives to Cancun this Winter (and Always)

Looking to break the routine? Change scenery? Escape the winter? Check out these Cancun alternatives! There, you’ll find a handful of best kept secret fishing villages, which are secluded paradise in disguise. Why Cancun alternatives? Because even a paradise like Cancun can become boring with repetition. So what are these alternatives? They’re San Crisanto, Sisal, or Isla Holbox. When your family insist on Cancun, tell them the truth:

Last year 2.8 million travelers visited Cancun, more than 14.5% increase than the previous year. The visitors keep coming. But, do you want to escape to more of the same? A vacation is meant to be a time to relax, not a time to get stuck in airports, check in and out of hotels, and busy packing and unpacking.

Do you want to learn more about budget-friendly, less-travelled destinations travel destinations other than Cancun?

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy quality time with your family away from all your duties?

Do you want to explore the low key gems of Yucatan?

Here’re three hot alternatives to the too touristy Cancun:

San Crisanto

San Crisanto is a quick 52 km drive away from the east of Progreso. You’ll find this eco-travel sleepy fishing town tucked away along the Emerald Coast. While there’s not a lot to do here, the 50-pesos tour in 850 hectares of mangroves alone is a great value and worth the visit.

A small boat will take you through the mangroves where 137 species of wild animals will greet you. Culminating with a sweet swim with the tarpon fish in the crystalline Cenote water.

It’s a perfect marriage between man-made canals and nature’s wildlife.

This is a shortcut to the sublime where you connect with nature directly. The area survived a couple of hurricanes before, and was rebuilt, the locals had to rebuild the mangroves by hand. They dug 11 km of canals to rejoin the 15 sinotes around the area so the mangroves live. And the UN recognized the effort to conserve biodiversity.

Other activities to enjoy in San Crisanto: birdwatching, the beaches, and the Annual Coconut Festival. The coconut grove as the indigenous peoples people call it is truly one of the last places of its kind. It’s as close as you can get to a breakaway-secluded-virgin-paradise-beach.

It’s here where artists, writers, and entrepreneurs get their breaking through ideas, or not. The point is: if you want to go off the grid and stay connected at the same time, this is where you want to be.

This is a life at bare minimum, and although it’s harsh, it also enlightening. When that sort of living tickles your fancy, and you want to see how Adam and Eve lived their lives, San Crisanto is for you.

On a more optimistic note, there’re tons of cabanas and rentals with varying degrees of luxury. But, you better bring your own essentials.

After all, if you haven’t cooked your own food under the palms of the San Crisanto beach, have you ever lived your life?


A quite, retreat town west of Progreso, Sisal is your next adventure.

You’ll fall in love with the most secluded beach, which looks exactly like the one in your dreams. There, you’ll revel in long hours of meditation and yoga by the ocean. Sisal is a viable alternative to Cancun because it’s a lesser-known travel destination. What else will you enjoy in Sisal? Kayaking, flamingo watching, and biking.

The village has a small population. However, many expats are coming and going, and the expat community is growing. It’s a perfect blend between a perfect getaway and connect with civilization. So you won’t be left out.

If you want to really make the most out of your trip, you need to stay at the best place in town, Las Hamacas. Whether you’re a small family, or a cluster of families travelling and living together, this is the place to be.

It’s like a modern village inspired by traditional Mexican aesthetics. The architecture is a blend of modern strokes, and authentic Mexican bling. It gives you a euphoric experience just living in that place. Not to mention, the huge swimming pool, the breathtaking beachfront complex and ocean view, and comfy beds. And if you have sharp eyes, the brilliant craftsmanship.

Sisal can easily become your second home if you fall in love with it. And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

Considering the vibe of a Mexican town by the ocean, the small population, and the memories associated with the sea.

Once upon a time, Sisal was the main port of the Yucatan. But today, it is clean, quiet, and inviting. Just a small Mexican town by the ocean. Home to flamingos, clear water, and colorful buildings.

It’s the perfect alternative to Cancun when you’re looking for a balanced environment for your fam.

Isla Holbox

The straight forward fact is: If you follow conventional travel wisdom and visit Cancun, you’ll miss out on many beautiful other places to enjoy your vacation. Places like Isla Holbox.

You’re about to learn all about one of the hottest alternatives to Cancun, it’s called Isla Holbox.

What do you need to know? 1) it’s one of the most romantic places on earth. 2) it’s part of the Yum Balam Nature Reserve. 3) One of the best islands in the Caribbean. Now, that you’ve covered the basics, there’re more basics to cover!

The best barefoot beach, Playa Holbox has a relaxing atmosphere with its smooth sand and translucent water. Whether you want to go in for a swim with your fam or enjoy the sunrise with your loved one, the beach is where to be.

During winter months, the beach has few people and you have it all for yourself. In addition to the 26-mile shoreline of the island. So there’s no excuse, you’ll have fun. Even just sitting by yourself and doing nothing is considered enjoyable here.

At any moment, you feel overwhelmed by the scenery around you, just hop into a golf cart taxi and leave. The island is pretty big with lots of hideouts and hidden pockets to explore. Don’t limit yourself to the beach.

If you fancy snorkeling with sea turtles, you must visit Cabo Catoche which is exactly between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. A magical experience in a magical place. It’s a few hours away from Holbox. If you want to enjoy your trip to Holbox, don’t miss kayaking.

You’ll immensely enjoy kayaking along Playa Holbox and through the mangroves of Yum Balam Nature Reserve. One of the most popular activities. This is an experience of a lifetime, you’ll remember it for as long as you live and tell it to your grandchildren. You have to see for yourself, but the air is quiet, the mangroves trees embrace and intertwine in a lovely manner, and the still water is like an extended mirror reflecting the surroundings.

Lots of colorful and tropical birds are watching you sometimes lazily, and sometimes excitedly. Generally, it’s safe from alligators but expects surprise visits.


Be bold enough to break out of the touristy spots. Sometimes, the fairy-like places can be found after a wild boat ride in the Mexican mangroves.

Bring mosquito repellants with you, it doesn’t matter but brings them anyways. Make sure to stay hydrated as well.

Cancun is one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico and the world. But, with the more tourists pouring into the city, it’s becoming loud and crowded. Some travelers prefer it that way. To each his own. However, you prefer to own your time and take things slow. The provided alternatives will prove exciting.

Consider them starting points for your next adventure.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, you can listen to your inner voice. That voice which inspired you to travel in the first place!

Accepting one version of the truth is lamer than settling in one place. Go, and write your own adventure.

All eyes are on you.