Parents | Tips on How to Get Prepared for the End of the School Year

Summer will be here before you know it.  Are you ready?  Check out these tips in order to have smooth end of the year and transition into summer.

Maintain Routine

Children of all ages thrive under structure and routine.  Spring time can really change our daily routines.  The impact daylight savings has on our families really can alter their schedules.  It gets dark later; therefore, your child wishes to remain up.  The older children may alter their curfew times as well.  It’s really best and recommended by psychologists to keep the routine constant until the remainder of the academic year.  On the other hand, do make sure you allow your child time to get outdoors to get some fresh air.  Daylight savings can wreak havoc on schedules BUT balance the time correctly and the benefits are numerous.

Summer Programs

Do you have ideas for your child this summer? Most summer camps fill up quickly.  It is best to look ahead this spring and see what is available.  Your local Parks and Recreational Centers offer camps for various ages and interests.  They are minimal in fee when compared to most specialty camps.  Generally kids love them because they know other kids that will also be attending.  Field trips are included with the cost of the camp.  That includes trips to local places and local experiences.  If your child is interested in a theater or specialty camp then you need to get moving.  Those camps generally fill up quickly.  Check the local theater department in your town for information.  Time lines are key and you won’t want to delay.  If your child is too young for camp, the local movie theaters do discount or free movies for children during the summer.  They are usually older movies but it keeps you and your child busy.  You will want to look ahead to see times and movies playing.  Check the town’s local parenting magazine or newspaper for information.

Tutor Prep

Please talk with your child’s teacher before the end of the year.  Ask for recommendations of books to read, workbooks or computer programs to review and specific skills your child still needs to master.  Ask if there is any free resources in your town.  Some teachers will even give away extra workbooks that are older or outdated. Teachers get information and fliers about tutoring services.  Many work as tutors during the summer months.  If your child is lagging in some specific skills, it’s worth the time and investment.  Ask your child’ teacher what they recommend.

Are you ready for summer? Maintain your routine and structure as long as you can.  Take advantage of daylight savings time.  Take a few minutes to call the local YMCA or Parks and Rec and get the camp information you need for registration.  And lastly, talk to your child’s teacher one last time before the of the year.  Find out specifics (if any) about the needs of your child so you can correct that during the summer months.  Do all this and you are sure to have an amazing summer time!